Children Learning Reading Review

Children Learning Reading Review

Children Learning Reading is a step-by-step program to help parents like you easily teach their children to read. As long as your child is already able to speak, this program will guide you through the steps to teach your child yourself and develop their reading skills to become a fluent reader.


Developed by Jim Yang together with his wife Elena, Children Learning Reading began as a system they personally used to teach their kids to start reading from a very young age. They have been sharing their technique with thousands of parents who today have also successfully taught their children how to read.

The program is made up of a set of instructional digital books, and audio and video guides. Parents are shown what they need to teach their children step by step, as they progress in their reading skill.

What’s Inside the Children Learning Reading Program

Children Learning Reading Review

The program is divided into two stages designed to help you teach your child from home. The first stage starts off by teaching you, the parent, to help your child develop the critical foundation to learn to read and to read fluently. Once you and your child have mastered stage one, you move on to the slightly more advanced lessons in stage two to further advance your child’s fresh reading skills.

Children Learning Reading Review

In stage one, you will find 28 lessons that are cleverly structured, starting with introducing the alphabet and individual letter sounds to your child. The lessons progress towards blending exercises where your child will learn to read basic words and eventually to read sentences and short stories.

By the time you and your child have gone through all the lessons and exercises in stage one, your child would already be able to read their favorite story books on their own.

Children Learning Reading Review

In stage two, the program seeks to enhance your child’s newly acquired ability to read. There are 22 lessons which teach your child more techniques such as digraphs (letter combinations). The words, sentences, and lesson stories here are more advanced, designed to increase your child’s fluency in reading.

Each stage includes lesson exercises and printable cards for you to go through with your child. There are also short passages that your child can have fun practicing to read. To complement these, there are also downloadable audio and video lessons to help make it easier for you to teach your child to read.

Children Learning Reading Review

Does Children Learning Reading Work?

This is not a magic formula to instantly turn your child into a fluent reader. You will need to set aside time to sit down with your child and go through the learning material and various exercise activities.

The program however will help build the fundamentals of reading in your child so as to easily cope with his learning journey as he grows. And each lesson is designed to be quick and effective, to make it easier for parents to cope with a child’s short attention span.

I recommend you give Children Learning Reading a try today. By the way, your purchase is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee in case you are not fond of it.

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Children Learning Reading Reviews by Actual Parent Users

Thank you for a great program and method of learning to read better. My son was picked up for reading support services in first grade. I completed your program and his reading teacher said that his reading abilities exploded and he is on grade level! I wish the teacher had used this program in school. I am now starting with my pre-schooler so that he is on track for kindergarten!

– Christine MacManus

I am using these lessons with my 6 and 7 year old grandchildren. I am VERY pleased with the results!!! Your program has honestly exceeded my expectations. My 7 year old grandson has been reading for the past year, but not well.

Thank you SO much for putting such effort into this program. My grandchildren will go into their next grade level with much better reading abilities. Words cannot express how grateful I am for these lessons. They are simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. The value of your program cannot be measured in dollar amounts. Knowing that my grandchildren will have a better school year because of these lessons is priceless to me.

– Diane Kidd

Hi Jim, Your program is amazing! I ordered it last summer because after Kindergarten my son could not read at all! His teacher said he would never be able to keep up or catch up in 1st grade & wanted to hold him back because he couldn’t read. Well, needless to say, we said no & vowed to teach him ourselves….. then we found your program. We had only completed Stage 2 lesson 3 when he started 1st grade, but he is reading and the teacher is ABSOLUTELY AMAZED and RAVES about his progress. You are a lifesaver! My family can’t say enough good things about your program.

– Gia Carmignani

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