Fun Phonics Activities To Teach Your Child To Read

Teach Your Child To Read

When it comes to teaching your kids to read, one of the most important ways to encourage them is to keep the learning fun and interactive. Our children’s attention span is extremely precious! You need to know how to capture their interest to learn.

The best way to make your kids yearn-to-learn is by turning the learning session into a game that rewards them for participating and coming up with the correct answers.

Here are 3 of our favorite phonics activities that are sure to make it more interesting for you to teach your child to read, and spark your kid’s love to learn reading from a very young age!

1. Hopscotch Phonics

Use a chalk to draw hopscotch boxes on the ground (how many depends on you). Next, draw a letter in each of the boxes. The way to play and learn is by having your kids roll a die and hop the number of boxes that they roll. Get them to count the squares as they jump and then sound out the letter in the box at the end.

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2. Letter Race

This is perfect for your energetic kids at home! You’ll need a set of magnetic letters, and a magnetic board (or anything that the letters can stick to, like your fridge). Place the magnetic letters in a bowl a distance away from the board. Call out a sound, and get your kid to pick the correct letter and dash across to stick it on the board!

3. I Spy

How about giving a phonemic twist to the classic “I spy with my little eye…” game! Instead of guessing something that starts with the letter M, say “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with Mmmm…”. Your child will definitely enjoy guessing and learning the sounds as they play!

Want More Fun Ways To Teach Your Child To Read?

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