Reading Head Start Review

Reading Head Start is an online learning program that coaches children from as young as 12 months up to 9 years to develop the foundation of being able to read fluently. As the name of the program goes, its aim is to help its students to surpass other children of their age by getting a head start in their reading competency.


The Reading Head Start program is created by Sarah Shepherd, an English teacher of 14 years. Sarah had developed her coaching method based on her personal experience of teaching her own 6-year-old son to improve on his English proficiency, and more specifically his ability to read.

Unlike some other reading programs out there, Reading Head Start is not made up of guide books. Instead, it is an online membership program filled with fun-filled activities that you and your child can enjoy while teaching them to read.

What’s Inside The Members’ Area

It’s easy to navigate around the Member’s Area with buttons that get you directly over to specific sections. If you are new, it’s adviceable to watch the Welcome Video to familiarize yourself with how to use the program.

All the learning activities are listed in a single page under Lesson Plans, with as many as 200 engaging and effective lessons broken down to 5 per week. Depending on your child’s learning stage and age, it’s easy to skip over to the more advanced lessons if you feel the need to do so.

There is also a whole page of printable resources such as flashcards and letter books to accompany the various lessons within the Reading Head Start program. You can also easily download and print out exciting short passages that your child can practice their newly developed reading skills with.

How To Use The Reading Head Start Program

Each weekly lesson plan is made up of 5 days of activities that you can carry out from home to teach your child how to read. It’s easy to follow the step-by-step instructions, from gathering the material that you need, to achieving the goal for the day’s lesson.

On the right-side of the page, you will find the relevant teaching material to use for the lesson. Simply click to download and print them out, and follow the guides to use them. There are also progress indicators to show how far your child has progressed through the lessons, and even an Activity Log for you to print out and keep track of their development.

Once you are done with the day’s lesson, simply click over to prepare for the next lesson for tomorrow.

Here’s a video walkthrough of Reading Head Start to give you a clearer picture of how the program looks like:

Does Reading Head Start Work?

We can’t ensure you that this program will magically turn your child into a proficient reader. But if both you and the child put in the effort regularly in the form of the weekly lesson activities, you will see improvement in your child’s reading skills within just a few weeks or even almost immediately for some kids.

Furthermore, your membership is backed by a solid 1-year money-back guarantee if you feel that the program does not deliver its promise or if you do not find it suitable for your child’s development.

Try Reading Head Start For Just $1 Today!

Of course, the best way to find out if it works is to simply give it a try; Reading Head Start offers a 3-day full-access trial membership for just $1 for you to sample the full program with your child.

Click here to sign up for the $1 trial today!


Reading Head Start Reviews by Actual Parent Users

I’ve been using Reading Head Start with my 3 year old daughter for 2 weeks now and we both love it!! I think what I’ve liked most about the success we’ve had with your system, is not only that my daughter is starting to become an incredible reader, it’s just how exciting reading has become for her and she lights up with every word she reads! I just had to write this and thank you quickly for putting this whole thing together! 

– Cathy

This thing’s incredible and I look like the Dad of the Year thanks to you LOL! I have two sons aged 2 and 5, both love cartoons, toys and up until last month, could care less about reading, I personally struggled with reading when I was a child and didn’t want my children growing up the same. That’s what led me to finding Reading Head Start actually. I knew how hard first hand learning to read can be and there was no way I’d attempt to teach my children on my own! So my little guis are doing great! My 5 year old is bringing stories to me every night now and reading them flawlessly.

– Tyson Collins

This is without a doubt the best reading system out there, I know because I tried them all! What made your reading method different from everything else, is you actually help me out just as much as you help out my child. My daughter Amy was starting to read three and four letter words faster than I expected and that’s all thanks to you, for showing ME how to properly teach her. I’m incredibly proud of the progress Amy has made with Reading Head Start, I’m proud of myself for being the one in her life to teach this to her and I’m truly blessed to have crossed paths with you and your reading system.

– Lauren Sanders

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